Region Sjælland

Region Sjælland

Region Sjælland

The geography of Zealand offers a multitude of exciting gastronomic experiences. Home to exceptional nature and beaches, whilst still in the proximity of Copenhagen. World-class ingredients, beautiful castles and manors, and home to the Vikings of the past.

World-class fruits and vegetables

Spis Godt Magasin

The region is known as the home of some of the best fruits and vegetables. The ship ‘Pæreskuden’ will be in port in Nyhavn, Copenhagen in September, where you will have the opportunity to taste pears, apples and plums from Fejø. Pride in local produce is clearly visible, expressed through the opening of local goods stores such as Sakskøbing Madhus and Knuthenlund in Lolland.

When you say carrots, you say Lammefjorden – the world-class vegetables from Lammefjorden are produced in the only Danish UNESCO Global Geopark and are served at Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen, among others.

Castles and Manors

Castles and Manors

Visit East Denmark

Experience the ambience of history among the many beautiful and majestic castles and manors in Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster. You can spend the night, go for a stroll in the park and have a royal dinner whilst observing the beautiful architecture. Visit the 800-year-old castle Dragsholm where gastronomy connects the past, present and future, and local produce sets the frame for unforgettable experiences.

The Regions first Michelin-star restaurant

You will find the first Michelin-star restaurant, Hotel Frederiksminde, by the beautiful Præstø fjord. The star is evidence that you do not have to be in a big city to find restaurants of international class. The kitchen offers a sublime craft that focuses on quality ingredients; the herbs are picked by the water’s edge and the mushrooms gathered in the local forest.

The best wine producers and microbreweries in Denmark Visit East Denmark

Wine from Denmark? Really? You bet. Lolland and Odsherred are some of the sunniest and driest areas in Denmark, providing the perfect combination for the production of wine. Ørnberg Vin in Odsherred produces award-winning wine, and Frederiksdal Gods in Lolland has won international prizes for their cherry wine. If you’re not into wine, don’t worry – the region also has some incredible beer and cider microbreweries. When you visit our region, why not try one of the local beers, such as Klintekongens Klassik, a beer that was named after a local legend of the “cliff king”, who ruled from a cave in the Møn cliffs.

Combine Viking-tourism and gastronomy

When exploring the Viking stories of the past in Sagnlandet Lejre, the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde or by the live-excavation of Borgring in Lelling near Køge, you should also give your taste buds an experience by exploring the many local and organic delicacies in the Zealand area. As a part of your trip back in time, you can buy cheese from the dairy Osted Mejeri and fresh, organic milk from Mannerup Møllegård in Lejre.

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