Skåne - The Pantry of Sweden

Skåne is the perfect smorgasbord for food lovers. With delicious locally grown produce from rich, fertile, prepared with love and care, you’ll enjoy every mouthful in any of the eateries around the region – come share the passion.

From Michelin stars to culti food trucks. Fresh ingredients make masters of the people preparing them, wich is why Skåne’s chefs and the food they prepare are becoming world famous. They create, cook and serve you at award-winning restaurants, taverns and farms throughout the region. It’s what makes Skåne such a popular food destination.

Daniel Berline Krog, Skåne-Tranås

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The small restaurant Daniel Berlin in the village of Skånes Tranås in the south east of Skåne is a truly unforgettable experience. The restaurant has been rewarded with a Michelin star and has also been named “Culinary Experience of the Year” and “International Master Class” by the highly respected White Guide.

Behind the house there’s a requisite garden where Berlin grow most of the ingredients. But he also hunts the deer and forages for the sloe berries in the sauce. His intimacy with his ingredients translates into beautiful dishes that are as thoughtful as they are flavorful. Daniel Berlin Krog is truly a family matter. Berlin’s mother is server and garden manager and his father is sommelier.

Dining at the restaurant is a truly unforgettable experience. Early booking is essential. Choose between tasting menus, seasonal menus and lunch menus. And the chef himself will give you a ride back to the accommodation at nearby Gamlegården, where most of the guests stay over.


Diligensvägen 21, Skåne-Tranås
Tel: +46 (0)417 20 300
GPS-Coordinates: 55.6125024 - 55.6125024

Bastard in Malmø

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Bastard has quickly become one of Malmö's most popular and talked-about restaurant. Set in a quiet street off the bustling Lilla Torget square, Bastard announces itself with a quirky sign featuring a pig impaled on a fork.

Inside, the lighting is low, the open kitchen is on show in the centre of the room; and the decor ranges from vintage New York industrial chic and white butcher shop tiles in the kitchen, to rustic mismatched vintage chairs, flickering candles on the tables, and cosy red rugs underfoot in the dining area.

Bastard has a penchant for happy animals and earthy roots. Generous, well-prepared food with lots of heart! Bastard is perhaps best known as a real meat restaurant, and serves dishes from nose to tail, but it also serves fish and vegetarian dishes. Hanging out at the bar over a Bastard board with pâté, sausages and rillette is an experience in itself.

Food a side Bastard is also famous for their delicious cocktails. A perfect start on an evening out in the cosy town of Malmö.


Mäster Johansgatan 11, Malmö.
Tel: +46(0)40 12 13 18
GPS-Coordinates: 55.6061091 12.997846

Höganäs Saluhall, Höganäs

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Magasin 36 is market hall located in the old area where Höganäs Saltglaserat was once based. The raw industrial premises have been converted drawing inspiration from the old glazing factory, preserving fantastic rustic details.

Step through the old wooden doors into a market hall full of sensory impressions and experiences. Here you can buy clothing, decorative items, ceramics and food, or eat at the restaurant on the upper floor while gazing down at the delicacies on offer in the farm shop.

The shelves of the farm shop are affixed to the old kilns and stocked with local produce. Here you will find everything from cold cuts of meat to fruit and vegetables, bread, jams, marinades and drinks.

At the centre of the restaurant on the upper floor is an atrium opening directly down onto the farm shop. Magasin 36 certainly has something for everyone, and the market hall makes a great destination if you want to experience the real Skåne.


Bruksgatan 36Z, Höganäs
Tel: +46 (0) 42 34 25 01
GPS-Coordinates: 56.20643 - 12.55548

Spirit of Hven, Backafallsbyn, Ven

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Situated in the Öresund strait between Denmark and Sweden, the island of Ven or ‘Hven’ has an area of around 3 square miles and a population of 300-400 people. The Spirit of Hven distillery is a part of the Hven Backafallsbyn hotel, which has its own whisky bar and restaurant.

Both their Organic Vodka and Gin spend anywhere between 6 and 24 months in oak casks before being redistilled and bottled, a process that leads to both a characteristic flavour and mouthfeel.

These are handcrafted spirits of the very highest quality, a testament to the skill and expertise of Master Distiller Henric Molin. Spirit of Hven Organic Gin, for example, is the only gin served at Copenhagen's Noma.

Their single malt whisky uses barley grown on the island for part of their requirement and is produced entirely on site from grain to bottling with sustainability very much in mind.


Norreborgsvägen 55, Sankt IBB, Ven
Tel: +46 (0) 418 44 99 99
GPS-Coordinates: 55.9164297 - 12.6959039

Apples at Kiviks Musteri, Kivik

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In Kivik where the apple orchards meet Hanöbukten Bay, lies Kiviks Musteri. This is where Henric Åkesson 1888 planted the apple trees that would go on to become Sweden’s first commercial fruit farm.

In the House of Apples you can see how apple juice and cider are made and delve into four generations of know-how about apples and apple-growing.

Take as stroll in the Collection Orchard with over 70 different apple varieties. Take a guided tour, do some cider tasting and of course you can buy your own apple tree.

The restaurant Kärnhuset serves dishes prepared using local ingredients. And don´t miss the well-known apple cake at Stinas Café.

The farm shop stocks the best of nature’s larder in the form of apple juice, cider, apple sauce, jams, marmalades, salsas, dessert sauces and other delicacies.

Love apples? Don’t miss the big Apple Festival of Kivik in the end of September every year.


Karakåsvägen 45, Kivik
Tel: +46 (0) 414 719 00
GPS-Coordinates: 55.672164 - 14.267120

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